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Memorable fun cuisine, eclectic cocktails & chic music

At Anchor & Den, we offer the ultimate comfort food menu, globally inspired and locally sourced. Our aim is to create memorable and unique experiences through fun food, eclectic cocktails and chic music. Our Food & Beverage program changes with the seasons and we use local food to inspire many of the dishes and the cocktails that our guests enjoy.

Magic in a Cup

Magic in a Cup
Coconut Coffee

There isn’t much in the world that can beat a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Or mid-morning, afternoon, evening, well just anytime really! Here at Anchor & Den we don’t shy away from experimenting and one of our favourite home coffee creations right now is the all-natural, coconut coffee! Slightly sweet, delicious and if you’re not on a tropical island like us – close your eyes and sip, you will swear you can hear the waves of the Caribbean Sea!